dodging goldfish

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Dodging Goldfish, the original low-fi electrofolk indiepop experimental lounge band, existed from the late summer to early winter of 1991, when the normally instrumental artists Herman Krebs and George Fox met singer/songwriter Newland Moorefield. Dodging Goldfish was never really the name of the band, but was the label on some tapes of their songs, so it stuck.

"We thought about calling ourselves Dodging Goldfish one day when we were throwing Pepperidge Farm Goldfish at each other. We've since decided against it but it makes a handy name for this compilation of songs.

"Most of these songs are first-takes, played live to an old Tascam 4 track cassette recorder. They were recorded so we wouldn't forget them." Well, we forgot them anyway. But then we remembered them, and so here they are - digitally remastered and publicly available for the first time.

Newland Moorefield - vocals, keyboards
George Fox - keyboards, programming, production (what production?)
Herman Krebs - guitars

flame to a triple 5

Written and recorded the first day we played together. There wasn't really a plan or a tune for the song, it just sort of developed as the guitar and vocals were added to the backing tracks.

lady in pearls

Another one from our first day. Not perfect, but we hadn't quite learned the song when we recorded it. Anyway, you get the idea.

free car

After playing a few weekends together, we kind of got the hang of it enough to do something with an actual song structure.

I am the mother and the father

We just rediscovered this on the tapes. I don't think anybody has heard this in 8 years.

acoustic song (edit version)

We pretty much made this up while the tape was running (which is why it doesn't have a 'real' name). Newland started to sing as Herman was figuring out the guitar parts with George directing and recording. Unfinished, but lots o' fun. Somehow we recorded another song, "Horace", on the other side of the tape - but it's left in here - it sounds kinda cool backwards at the end of the song.

ball game

The effects were put on the vocals live (rather than later, like your supposed to). Newland hated this back then and I'll bet she still does...

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