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Welcome to the Party Platters Website!

If you're here then you're either lost, confused or one of the few truly discriminating patrons of real art. A real Party Platters fan will not hesitate to drop the name of the greatest band ever when asked their preference for popular stars in any genre of music. The irony is that the Party Platters were never popular in any sense. Except in that way that some people count “having a lot of love” as being “wealthy,” but they're fools!

For those of you who don't know, the Party Platters were the quintessential Rock-Lounge-Disco-Metal-Alternative-Cabaret-New-Wave-Psychedelic-Jazz act with Traditional and Classical overtones. They have never listed anyone as their musical influences but have inspired countless successful and unsuccessful writers, singers and performers from jazz greats Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra to veteran rockers Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison to modern acts such as Public Enemy the Beasty Boys and Beck, though none will officially acknowledge the debt owed to this legendary obscure band.

The Party Platters don't sound much like any popular artists—though you will no doubt hear the subtle similarities between elements of Party Platters songs and their more popular counterparts.

We dedicate this website to the band, the music and lore that surround the Party Platters. Come back every now and then to see what's new. Although it appears the Party Platters will never officially get back together again, we keep finding songs, stories and other tid-bits that will provide you with a fascinating insight into the greatest band no one ever heard.

The Party Platters had problems getting press. We at the official Party Platters museum have tried to locate press clippings, concert ads, reviews, obituaries, …anything! If you have any useful facts, information or even know the whereabouts of any members, please email the Official Party Platters' webster.


Joe Jones Drums and Drinks
Jersey Pete Vox, Guitars and Pasta Dish
Betty Salad-of-the-Week Bass, Vox and Side Dish
Mimi Robag Vox and Appetisers
Smedley Jones Rhythm Guitar and Bread
Bertie Perkins Triangle and Drinks
Mope Jesus Joe Pope® Synthesizer, Other Instruments and Side Dish
Clermont Grava Guitars, Synths, Answering Machine and Vegetable Dish
Jacques Vlimph Vox, Cordials, Salad
Mr. Dave Vox, Keyboards, Tambourine and Main Course
Happy Alouisious Vox, Thereman and Vegetable Dish


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