space 1999

Moonbase AlphaThis is Moonbase Alpha, the setting of the TV show Space 1999.

[We have no affiliation with the producers or distributors of the original Space 1999 television show or any of its subsequent incarnations. George was a fan and this is his homage.]

We wrote our version of "Space 1999" back around 1996-7 (was it that long ago?). It was inspired by the old TV series Space 1999 (I have a thing for old Gerry and Sylvia Anderson shows - Thunderbirds, UFO - back when special effects were all done with models.)

Space 1999 was shown here in the states for a few years I think. I remember watching it back in like 1975-6, I don't know… I used to love Space 1999 when I was a kid and would watch it religiously. I know it was hokey and the science aspects of the fiction were ridiculous. But back then, I disn't care. It was the best thing on. I had models of Moonbase Alpha, the Eagle, the Hawk, and some goofy dune buggy inspired by the show but never featured on it. I still have a couple of them. I recently got a chance to see all the episodes on DVD and it was great.


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