tourmaline remixes

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the good earth (remix '99)
Remixed by George from the HPK original on Alternative Christmas Volume 2
in the bleak midwinter
Tu version of
Jane Siberry's live recording. Special thanks to Jane for letting us share it.
handful of babylon (v1)
Tu version of
Treiops Treyfid's lost song recorded around the time of "Reach The Explosion". This was the first version we remixed.
handful of babylon (v2)
Another version of Treiops' song. This one's more funky.
acid rephlux premix
It was recorded before the original take.
August 22, 1984
Collaboration with Cory Gould.
"Buttress" was the word of the day.
A more liberal version of Dylanesque that asks, "Why?"
godkånt gods
Inexplicably disposable
Swedish version.
Early live jam version. Be warned, it's messy and it's 20 minutes long.
Early instrumental version played by George.
Weird Old Songs by George
I was cataloging boxes of old tapes and came across these tunes. This is the kind of stuff I was doing all those years ago...
Recorded in 1989 as part of my first solo tape called Solution of Consciousness.
This was used in a performance piece/video called Zambezi.
This was also on SOC.
More SOC stuff.
Govt. Song
Recorded in 1988 or '89 - Probably involved beer. I'll bet I did this around April 14th.
Collaboration between David Aub and George. This soundtrack, recorded in 1989 or '90, was intended for a performance piece by David. Look for this and other pieces on
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